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Paths and itineraries

Every day, with the sun shining or with the fog calming the colours, you can fill your days here.

You can celebrate with us, learn new things, try unimaginable adventures, get to know the inhabitants or you can simply rest: in Trentino every day is a discovery, every place a surprise!

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The valley of Non

It is the widest valley in Trentino, rich in woods, waterways and above all apple orchards thanks to which its name is famous throughout Europe.

In the centre, the lake of Santa Giustina.
Val di Non is made up of 5 territories, 5 plateaus separated by deep gorges.
The main city of the valley is Cles

Located in the northern sector of the Brenta Group, Lake Tovel (1178 m.) is one of the naturalistic jewels of the Adamello – Brenta Nature Park and is  the largest of the natural lakes in Trentino._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

It is famous throughout Europe because it turned red: a unique phenomenon in the world!
Today its waters are surprisingly clear with incredible shades of blue and green  and rich in fauna. 

Emblem of the ancient glories of one of the most powerful and richest families in Trentino, that of the Tono, Castel Thun still dominates today, unchallenged in beauty and importance, over all the other residences and castles in Trentino and the Val di Non. A reflection of the centuries-old dominion of noble family on the valley, witness of periods of glory as well as decline, the castle stands on a hill not far from the town of Vigo di Ton. 


Shrine of San Romedio

The Sanctuary of San Romedio is one of the most characteristic hermitages in Europe. It rises in Val di Non on the top of a spur of rock more than 70 meters high. Here San Romedio lived as a hermit for many years, according to legend, in the company only of a Trentino bear.

The path carved into the rock leads to the famous Trentino bear path.

The Rio Sas canyon

The Rio Sass canyon is located in the town of Fondo, a village which  conceals a natural spectacle of incomparable beauty, a canyon which literally cuts the town in two.
The route, built with cantilevered walkways and stairs (600 steps one way), is 1,200 meters long and has a difference in height of 100 metres. The time to walk it is two hours.
The Rio Sass Canyon can only be visited with a guide and equipped with a protective helmet provided by the guide at the time of the visit. Reservation required.

The Novella River Park

The Novella River Park is a nature trail that winds for about 3.5 km in the municipalities of Dambel and Novella in Val di Non, through breathtaking woods and canyons.

The Novella River Park is a river valley with an unmistakable V-shaped profile which has a spectacular gorge in the center with narrow passages and vertical walls.

It is possible to access the River Park on foot by paying the entrance ticket.

To admire the Rio Novella gorges from another perspective, you can try the exciting kayak excursion: accompanied by an expert instructor

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